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We here at Oldies But Goodies Senior Rescue want to thank you for stopping by our Contribution Page.  We have put together a couple of ways to contribute to our rescue center. 
Any amount of help is always appreciated.


We know these are uncertain times, that's why we have partnered with to make it easier for you to bring our rescue dogs what they need.  Clicking the image allows you to shop our "wish list" and personally make your contribution, from your heart, in the comfort of your home.

cans and bottles.png

We collect recyclable cans and bottles all year long.


This is one of our largest fundraisers that support the dogs at the rescue. Cans and bottles must be clean. We can schedule a pick up in and around the Medford area or provide a drop off address.

If you are out of our area, but in Oregon and would like to donate, cans and bottles can be returned to your local bottle drop and funds can be transferred t our rescue from your bottle account directly.


Did you know we have a vendor booth at Picker's Paradise in Medford? We sell anything from pet items and seasonal items, to home decor, jewelry and so much more! We sell items well below retail prices because every dollar we bring into the rescues, helps save a life.


We are in booth #260. Come find a treasure!

Picker's Paradise is located at 3404 S. Pacific Hwy, Medford, OR.

Another way to contribute is by making a straight donation.  We have set up some options below to assist you. 
Please remember that this is just to guide you. If you feel it in your heart to contribute another way please contact us and we will happily help. 
Thank you again!